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Ein rotes Dreieck, darunter drei orangen senkrechten Balken als Symbol für Fakultät 3. Das Symbol befindet sich innerhalb  des kreisförmigen Schriftzuges: Prozesswissenschaften.

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Research at the Department for Brewing Science

There is a wide spectrum of research topics in Prof. Methner's institute including the fields of raw materials, malting and brewing technology up to biotechnological and environmental aspects: 

  • Flavour stability of beer: influence of amino acids
  • Flavour stability of beer: new and optimised ESR (EPR) method to determinate the anti-oxidative potential of beer
  • Flavour stability of beer: role of flavour-active aldehydes in the ageing process of beer and influence factors on their formation
  • Formation mechanisms of dicarbonyls during wort- and beer-production
  • Improvement of yield of bitter acids during beer production
  • Hops compounds and their influence on sensory impression
  • Development of biochips for determination of certain properties and monitoring of brewing yeast
  • Development of functional drinks with focus on special fermentation by-products
  • Crossflow filtration for the filtration of beer and deposit yeast and improvement of specific filtration capacities
  • New methods to inhibit biofilm formation in breweries
  • New ways in the malting
Some of these research projects are supported by the Wifoe (Association for the Promotion of Science of the German Brewing Industry).


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